23 May 2011

Dj Shinobi & Pitchpoint & Etiket - Intelligent Sound 017 on Pure FM 20-MAY-2011

Shinobi : .. Dmitry Karev aka Dj Shinobi was born on the 4 of May in 1985 in Saint-Petersburg. When he was a child he was fond of listening to music on the vinyl record-player but as he was growing up this hobby became more and more serious. In 2003 Dmitry started mixing at clubs and had a great success on the dance floor. His favorite music styles from that time were progressive house, tech house and uplifting trance. After some time Dmitry began to compose his own tracks. Which has seen him progress to a deeper understanding of these styles. He says “for me music is not only the way to express my thoughts, not only the willing to show my inner life, music is much more. It’s like air that fills your lungs when you breathe,it's the whole world and each part of it.”

PitchPoint : The project was found in June 2007. It is a collaboration of two men concealing under pseudonyms of X-Ody and Neil De Getto. We chose progressive house as a basic style for us from a great amount of styles. We suppose it to be one of the most emotional and interesting styles. We record mixes ad start wrighting our own music.


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