24 May 2011

Frango, Balance - The Trip on friskyRadio 19-MAY-2011

FRANGO: Primal Rhythms combined with earthy yet electronic sounds fascinate Frango. As a music aficionado Frango has collected various music of many styles on CD and Vinyl. It has always been important for him to involve like-minded people and let them take part in his musical trips through mix tapes and parties. Itfs especially the diverse methods and ways of using these two media that keep him intrigued. His sense of music and mixing techniques were constantly refined through new compilations. Since some time he felt the need to dive deeper into the possibilities through the ever simplified possibilities of home recording which inevitably created a stronger sense and understanding for new tracks and how to integrate them into exhilarating DJ-sets. Frango will continue to process the ever constant flood of new music into mixes which will be made available to all curious followers. The national/international contacts will be tended to on a bigger scope than just the own label and radio stations in order to grow more. Frango hopes to keep his imagination fired for new projects and compilations by continuing to collaborate with congenial artists, using the synergies and impulses evoked in each other.



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