23 May 2011

Moshic - Argaman Album CD 1 Mixed Version May (2011)

“Another Progressive Journy from one of the best and darkest labels in the Progressive world ,Contrast Records. After 2 years of work on this album and long waiting we get this intelligent pack of music, Contrast records proudly to release moshics 5th album “Argaman”, after his astonishing Masterpiece 2nd album Salamat and Other Great Albums that came after , influenced the progressive house and down tempo world music fans with moshics amazing combination of ethnic, atmospheric and futuristic sound and style. Argaman is a double studio album, include a progressive house ,DownTempo, Ambient & vocal tracks that continue to exhibit his individual sound and style, the one who made him well known among millions of fans around the globe. The first cd is a Pure Progressive Creation and Another masterpiece,maintain the expectation from moshics well known progressive Productions and sound.”

special tnx to MCast to offer this prescious preview :)


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