10 June 2011

Agressor - Momories 002 on Pure FM 09-JUN-2011

Goce Velkovski, also known by his codename Aggressor is a young Macedonian DJ/Producer. He is born on 24th September, 1986 in Skopje, Macedonia. During the mid-90's he was obsessed by the sounds of the electronic music, when it all sounded like goa trance and techno in his mind. As he was growing up he established a deeper connection with electronic music which inspired him to do choose a new path in his life. Being just a regular consumer of the electronic sounds didn't satisfy his ambitions of widening his knowledge about this type of music. In order to express his passion and feelings he started writing songs. The year 2003 is a crucial year for Aggressor, because that was a great beginning. The same year he was introduced to the recording techniques and using the producing software/hardware. It was a like a "renaissance"period for him, because he learned so many new things. A time of inspirations, happy and sad moments were coming and disappearing like three leafs. For the first time in his life, on August 10th, 2010, he releases his first duo project "South Beach" with Ivan Nikusev for the label Mistique Music(Georgia), and the same year on September 15th, he releases his first solo project "AMYA(A Million Years Ago)" for the sublabel Mistique Digital. Many other EP's come later for the same label and sublabel, and other labels like LuPS Records(Holland), Contrast Recordings(Israel), B&Q Recordings(Russia), Elliptical Sun Recordings(Russia), Hyline Music(Germany), Underground City Music(Russia), Fragment Recordings(USA). Nowadays he is more active and developed into a more serious producer. Aggressor collaborates with many artists and every day he writes something new inspired by the real life events. He also did remixes for Mistque Music & Mistique Digital(Georgia), Per-Vurt(Lebanon), B&Q Recordings(Russia), Elliptical Sun Recordings(Russia),UCM(Russia), Hyline Music(Germany) and others...


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