02 June 2011

Synthax - Let's Talk Progressive on InsomniaFM 01-JUN-2011

He was born on the 29th of April, 1983, in a hungarian town called Veszprém. In the beginning he was listening to rock and metal, then in the 90's he became interested in rave music. Since then he's been listening only to electronic music. In the year 2000 he learnt how to mix thanks to his friend DJ Leslie, who showed him the basics. During the period of 2001-2002 he became familiar with progressive house, which is his main style up to nowadays.After a small break in 2004 he bought his own DJ equipment and started practicing, which was followed by a succesful DJ exam in 2006. He's been playing in a lot of clubs, and several radio stations (Pure.FM, Inside.FM, Tribalmixes.org, Radio MI, Radiomajsa, Balaton Radio). Nowadays he's mainly spinning progressive house, progressive breaks, tech-house and some techno.


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