28 July 2011

Bobby Deep, Stephan Djordjevic - Deep My Way on friskyRadio 27-JUL-2011



Vogelmann, Mauro Speerli, Placcid - Lightworks on friskyRadio 26-JUL-2011

Enry Saiz - The Way The Sunlight Plays Upon Her Hair
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Sergio Fernandez & JP Candela Remix)
Robots - Alkaline
M Clis - August
Tash & Stage Van H - Easterwood Junkies (Matrick Remix)
Dries Tessens - Dialogue (Duncan Kaye Remix)
DJ Jon Doe - Progressive Adventure (A Night At The Opera Mix)
Dosem - Origin
Hypnotic Duo - PT (Enton Mushi Remix)
Funk D'Void - Diabla (Christian Smith And Wehbba Remix)
DeepSoul Duo - Fellowship
Norton - a falldown from Prague (Dobre & Jamez Remix)
Laurent Garnier - Flashback (Christian Smith & Wehbba Remake)
Christian Smith - Fugitive
Kay Mikado - Aquatic
Rich Curtis - The Lost Quarter (Cid Inc Remix)
Dosem - Freed

Deepfunk - Monday
Kachu Mx & Hakan Ludvigson - Fallin
Guy J, Miriam Vaga - No Under But You
Guy J - Teva
Deepfunk - Field of Ruins
Gosh presents Kanov - Prediction
Hypnotic Duo - Pulse
Rich Curtis - Face Valued (Jamie Stevens Remix)
Andre Sobota - Never Before
Alvin Tech - Indian Life
Gosh presents Kanov - Cold Day (Psychowsky Remix)
Charly Aguada - Undiscovered Ocean
Sav Audio - De-Ja-Vu
Stasik T - Pathology of Nature (Mindmusik Remix)
Tetsuo (DE) - Crystal Grounds
Rich Curtis - The Lost Quarter (Cid Inc Remix)
Guy J - My Thought Of You
Tetsuo (DE) - Destination Red
Verve - Juxtapose (Matteo Monero Remix)
Guy J - Doves
Guy J - Sahara
Gum - Electrons (SNK Mix)
Facundo Mohrr - Touch
Dibby Dougherty & David Young - Hydra Island (Cid Inc remix)
Ian O'Donovan - Wide open
Dibby Dougherty & David Young - Hydra Island
NaNni - You Never Came
Tony Guerra - El Rey Del Timbal
Mory Kante - Yeke, Yeke (Extended Hardfloor Mix)
Piyush Awasthi - Morphine (Guy Mantzur & Khen Remix)
Gabriel Rhome - Ronde
Vogelmann - Moments Of Truth
Easy Groove - Dubble (Original Warm Mix)
Electronic Beach - Descent
Faze Out - Stomp It (Peres Remix)
Guy J - I Lost My Head (PM Mix)
Dibby Dougherty & David Young - Hydra Island (Dibby & David Oceanic Six mix)
Stanisha - Parallel Midnight (Loquai Remix)
Tony Guerra & Alex Rouk - Unsterblich
Mr.Flavour & Andrea Lombardo - Puro (Matteo Monero Remix)
Ad Brown - Elevator (Soundprank Remix)
Guy J - Heliscope

Kiko - Intro
Lawrence - Spark
Pole Folder - Dimension Missing
Lowtec - She Dont
Cosmic Cowboys - Origami
Coma - Raindrops
Como - Playground Altona
Anthony Rother - Man Up The Hill (Gui Boratto Remix)
Coma - Fameless
Unkle - Heavy Drug (King Unique Remix)
Exoplanet - Shepher Of Conciousness
Eelke Kleijn - Gevoelsplatt
Burial & Fourtet & Thom Yorke - Ego
Pole Folder - Indigo
Microtrauma - Contrast (Max Cooper Remix)
Jersey Devil Social Club - Child 13
Jonny L & Paula Pedroza - Anjos
Ian Donovan - Aurora Borealis (Henry Saiz Remix)
Nhar - Afterburner
Hernan Cattaneo - Teleport (King Unique Remix)
Microtrauma - Saturation
Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile feat Tomomi Ukumori - Cripsis
Nick Warren - In Search Of Sunrise (Ambient Mix)

Jorge Dept, Ralphie B - Back To Basics on friskyRadio 27-JUL-2011



Erich LH - Exorbitant on friskyRadio 27-JUL-2011


Howard Hill - Eclectika Sessions on friskyRadio 27-JUL-2011


Phil Agosta - Forward on friskyRadio 27-JUL-2011


Maxim Ryzhkov - Suns on friskyRadio 27-JUL-2011


AquAdro - Poltergeist on InsomniaFM 26-JUL-2011

great mix here ;) enjoy!


Franbeats - Enjoy The Moment on InsomniaFM 27-JUL-2011


Markovich - Progressive Moments on InsomniaFM 27-JUL-2011


German Liagre - Mantra on friskyRadio 27-JUL-2011


Stranger - Dark Soul - july 2011


Plamen K - Guest Mix on Radio Nova July (2011)


J.D.L. - World Of Dreams (July 2011 Mix)


27 July 2011

Soulfire Sessions August (2011)

01. Michael King 'n0th1ng' (Paul Harrison Remix) [Soulfire Downloads]
02. SDPH Project 'Occams Razor' (Original Mix) [Soulfire Downloads]
03. Michael King 'n0th1ng' (Soulfire Remix) [Soulfire Downloads]
04. Soulfire 'Phantasm' (Original Mix) [Soulfire Downloads]
05. East Cafe 'Seti' (Loquai Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
06. Gosh & Kanov 'Dark Effect' (Loquai Remix) [Mistiquemusic]
07. Fady Ferraye 'Incoherent Transcripts' (Original Mix) [AlterImage]
08. Deepfunk 'Lost in Words' (Original Mix) [Silence Through Music]


26 July 2011

RunOnOz - Composite Beats 003 on Di FM March (2011)

i want sharing with you this mix, first time for me listen this dj, really great mix broadcasted on Di.FM Progressive Channel! enjoy :)

01. Pacco & Rudy B - Coral Castle
02. Moshic - Rain Done
03. LoQuai - DNA
04. Graham Good - I Dream Of You (Max Mason Remix)
05. Eiad Sayegh - Before I Forget
06. Chris Fortier - Twinkle Me (Hypnotic Duo Remix)
07. Beatchuggers - Naked (Kid Massive vs. Pedersen Deep Remix)
08. Glenn Morrison - In A Trance
09. Cid Inc. - Magnify (Quivver Remix)
10. Rich Curtis & CJM - Square Root (Cid Inc.Remix)
11. Makotrax - Hagoromo (Paul Thomas Remix)
12. Arma Nova - Aurora Blue
13. Vansam - Blue Eyes
14. Jerome Isma-AE & Sebastian Krieg - 308 (JunkDNA Remix)
15. Sasha - SparkyLives (V_rtek Mix)
16. Bobby Deep - Charisma
17. 00.db - Keymantia
18. Sia - Drink To Get Drunk (Sultan & Tone Depth Remix)
19. Diadema - Box Office (Paul Emme & Andrea Leme Remix)
20. Elad Emek - Hear No Evil
21. Vansam - Visage


Michael Gaida - Dark Luxuries Guest Mix on ETN FM 25-JUL-2011

00:00:00 Dynamic Illusion - Let The Music Take Control (Original Mix) [No Smoking]
00:06:05 Mikh Solvis - Sonnent (Original Mix) [Underground City Music]
00:11:10 Guy J - Azimuth (Blusoul Dark Dub Mix) [CDR]
00:17:44 Kay-D - The Vagrant Positron (Original Mix) [Mistique Music]
00:24:44 MSZ - Stoical (Loquai Remix) [Mistique Music]
00:32:20 Michael & Levan And Stiven Rivic - Healing (Original Mix) [Mistique Music]
00:40:55 Coldberg & Repton Feat. Joshua Wentz - Walls Will Fall (Blusoul Remix) [Mistique Digital]
00:46:05 Hypnotic Duo - Kadesh (Tolga Diler 'Deep' Remix) [Underground City Music]
00:52:03 Aggressor - The Girl I Don't Know (Xsector Progressive Mix) [Elliptical Sun]
00:56:14 Shock Osugi - Spring Dewfall (Original Mix) [Underground City Music]


Abraham, Ijaver - Resonance Sounds on InsomniaFM 23-JUL-2011



M&D Substance - Substance Frequency on InsomniaFM 23-JUL-2011

“Music is part of my life”, that’s what Darius 24 year old dj and producer, known as M&D Substance, usually keep saying. He just had “it” in his head by the age of 14, melodies were coming one after another, but back then there was no possibility to record it.

His first tracks were created with a program called ejay2, cause that was the only way to produce something. Remembering it now Darius often having a good laugh. But a few years later he decided to search some programs and create his own sounds and melodies, get a bit deeper into music. But not only producing he was after, dj’ing was his another weakness. So he started to make underground parties with some other friends, that were halping him with dj technique. After a few plays Darius already had it’s own style and keep on gigin these days.

By the age of 17 he began to use program called Reason. First everything looked so difficult, different and new. But day after day sitting and studying all the things, sound was getting better and better. A bit later Darius began to collaborate with his classmate Mantas, cause their music style was kind of same, so and that’s how M&D Substance name formed. Many nights and days were spent to get a better result, listened tons of critics and etc., but finaly they first release was made called “Walking alone”. Many good dj’s and producers supported, so that how it all started.

They were making releases one after another with their unique melodic progressive house. A few years later, they decided to produce with a bit more professional soft called Cubase. It took a few months to learn it well, but it was worth it. In a year 2009 Darius and Mantas decided to separate and head on it’s own ways, cause their music style began completely differ. But Darius decided not to change his name and leave it as M&D Substance. And if people ask why still M&D, Darius just simply answers “M – is for melodies and D – is for drums”.

As for now, Darius is resdent Dj in Pacha Lithuania, have played with some famous dj’s as Andy Moor, Sandy Rivera, Above & Beyond, Omid 16b, John Digweed, and others… Already been playing in Russia (Ekaterinburg city), it was first play across borders and not last. Darius still produces his unique melodic style and getting support from all over the world. Playing from progressive house to trance, but there are exeptions when you can hear some tech too. M&D Substance has released over 100 tracks and remixes, you can always check them on beatport. His first album called “Leaving” released on Mistique digital is having a great support for now.


Jonny Vee - Sound Fragments on InsomniaFM 23-JUL-2011


Suffused - Suffused Diary 007 (6-July-2011) on Digitally Imported (Di.fm)


BlackSeaDEEP - Short Mix 2011-July-25


Koray Aydemir b2b Erdinç Güzelcan - dualaudio 23 July (2011)


25 July 2011

Julian Rodriguez - Crescent on InsomniaFM 22-JUL-2011


Tamer Fouda - Sound Of Insomnia on InsomniaFM 21-JUL-2011


Paul Martinez - Mix Of The Week on InsomniaFM 22-JUL-2011


Relaunch - Deep Diving on InsomniaFM 22-JUL-2011


4H Community - Progressive Fibres on InsomniaFM 21-JUL-2011


Ortem - Deepen Your Friday Night on InsomniaFM 22-JUL-2011


Davi - Delysid on friskyRadio 21-JUL-2011


Frango, Bird - The Trip on friskyRadio 21-JUL-2011

Frango in the photo ;)



Logiztik Sounds - Big Bang on friskyRadio 21-JUL-2011


El Reyalto - Tech Coast Tribal on friskyRadio 22-JUL-2011


D-Phrag, Miraculu M - Immersed on friskyRadio 22-JUL-2011



Dj Kira, Carlos Fox - Universal on friskyRadio 22-JUL-2011



Diego Mongelos - Background on friskyRadio 21-JUL-2011


23 July 2011

George Marvel - Nocturne 06 2011


Michael Gaida / Danny Jahr - Mindscapes 118 Inception Perception [July 16 2011] on Pure.FM

Michael Gaida - Mindscapes 118 Inception Perception [July 16 2011] on Pure.FM

01. Gosh & Kanov - Dark Effect (Loquai Remix) [Mistique Music]
02. Kay-D - Twisted Synergy (Original Mix) [Mistique Music]
03. Meka - La Pensee Du Jour (Seb Dhajje Remix) [Tetsuko Records]
04. Aggressor - Timeshifting (Original Mix) [LuPs Recordings]
05. Harry Hearing - Bedtime Story (Xsector Remix) [Mistique Digital]
06. Affective & Sensorica - Ambrosia (Original Mix) [Particles]
07. Matteo Morero - One Girl & Two Dogs (VG vs. Dave Sullivan Remix) [Mistique Music]
08. East Cafe - Seti (Loquai Remix) [Mistique Music]
09. Timewave - Beautiful Giants (Douglas Howarth Remix) [Mistique Music]


Danny Jahr - Mindscapes 118 Guest Mix [July 16 2011] on Pure.FM

01. Jaksa Pavicevic - Pitchwise (Audiometric Remix) [Apollo]
02. Examine - Confess And Undress (D. Diggler Remix) [Manual Music]
03. Salt N Sugar & Enformig - Maritime (Original Mix) [Replug]
04. Secret Cinema & Kalden Bess - Mohs Scale (Original Mix) [Gem Records]
05. Guy J - Azimuth (Juan Deminicis Remix) [CDR]
06. Dyno - Dark Days (Original Mix) [Bush Rec.]
07. Mitrinique - Earthbound (Overtone Watson Remix) [Sound Avenue]
08. Daniel Mehes - Idleness (Ballad Mix) [Flow Vinyl]
09. Kuffdam Feat. Grant Paterson - City Lights (Relaunch Remix) [Hyline Music]
10. United Vision - World Of Pleasure (Original Mix) [Underground City Music]
11. Musetta - Standing By My Side (Ormatie Mix) [Morrison Recordings]