29 March 2013

Arthur Sense, Kairy & Djafar - Experimental Battle 008 on TM-radio - 29-Mar-2013


Feel the difference between ours Tribal and yours!!! This is Tribal House Music! Not the shits coming from DJ Chus these days!!! This is hard,dark,old school! This is big fans like us...never leave the tribal style... never play for money! This is 4h in hell,enjoy!

Expect tracklist soon :evil:

Preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=41

24 March 2013

Kairy - For Beattunes.com 5th Anniversary - March 2013



Deep Soul Duo & Quintax - Oceans of Joy 003 on TM RADIO - 21-Mar-2013



Original Broadcast  [11 april 2012] on pure.fm

Juan Sando, co-founder of Deep Soul Duo. Born in 1984, started to listen electronic music at the age of 21. In 2010, he made his first production with Alfredo Calderini, called transfiguration Released by Mistiquemusic. Deep Soul Duo bio: Alfredo Calderini & Juan Sandoval are from Argentina and make up the Deep Soul Duo production team. DSD project is based primarily on the exploration of Progressive Sound. Incorporating elements of House, Trance and Minimal. And the creation of Deep & Ambient atmospheres. With a small addition of Dark & Psy Details....


Bandzius & Etheral Mist - Absolute Madness 059 on TM RADIO - 23-Mar-2013


Preview episode 059 here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=152&st=1364054400


orteM - Deepen Your Friday Night 026 - On InsomniaFm - 22-Mar-2013


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ortem
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/djortem
Mixloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/ortem
Podmatic: http://ortem.podomatic.com/
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/djortem
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/djortem
Beatport: http://dj.beatport.com/ortem
The Dj List: http://thedjlist.com/djs/ORTEM
MixDj: http://www.mix.dj/orteM/medias
Mixcreate: http://www.mixcrate.com/orteM
You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/djortem

22 March 2013

Musabesni & Technician - Bulgarian Dream 017 on TM RADIO - 19-Mar-2013


Preview this months show http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=203&st=1363716000

Stratos DeepDark & Djafar - Liturgy of Darkness 029 on TM-radio - 19-Mar-2013


First 4 tracks play Stratos, I'm with more 5 tracks after him!

Here is the tracklist:

01. Matteo Monero - This World (Intro Mix)
02. Juan Sando - Chronosphere (Matteo Monero Remix)
03. Kintar - The Little Man In The Forest (Original Mix)
04. Siberian Son - Dogma (DJ Tarkan Remix)
05. SBK - Void
06. Zibe - Night Of Sin
07. Kay-D - Clear Source (CJ Art Remix)
08. Source of Gravity  - Full Moon (Chris Cargo Remix)
09. DJ Tomer & RPO - And Now U Left Me (Eric Entrena & RPO Remix)

Preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=181&st=1363723200

Juan Sando - Deep Soul Duo - Ocean of Joy 014 [13 march 2013] on Pure.fm

Juan Sando Host Mix
Dirk Mu Sic Guest Mix

Moshic - March Episode Mix [Beattunes.com 5th Anniversary] - 22-Mar-2013


Length: 1:29:50 :-D

Enjoy! :-)

Zhaniel - Dark Alley - 22-Mar-2013


Enjoy :)

19 March 2013

Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 020: Calling on my Roots on Insomniafm - March 2013


Episode 020: Calling on my Roots

Dedicated to Deep, Dark, Mystical, Intelligent Progressive,
Old School, Non-Commercial Area...

Total duration: 01:04:10

Preview: http://i.mixcloud.com/CCPcTN
Keep the Underground Sound Alive!

Loxy - Cylon podcast 001 - 18-Mar-2013


Loxy brings us the very first podcast from Cylon Recordings (seems like everyone is doing podcasts, which is usualy a good thing).
Expect 2 hours of some very dark flavours.

More info: Loxy facebook, Cylon Recordings facebook

No TL.

Matias Ricciardi - For Beattunes.com 5th Anniversary - March 2013


Happy 5th Anniversary beattunes.com! All the best!!

16 March 2013

T Impact Deep Dark & Stanger - Prayer In The Dark 002 on TM RADIO - 15-Mar-2013


T Impact Deep Dark track-list

01. Ufuk Gursoy - Fundamental Mind ( Original Mix )
02. Luke Porter - Sardonica (Original Mix)
03 .Ozgur Ozkan - Forget (Stefan DJordjevic Remix)
04. Paul Martinez and Fiddler - Hell Raise (Original)
05. mahmut orhan - undesirable life (boral kibil remix)
06. XSector - Other Life (Hypnotic Duo Remix)
07. Frangellico - En Tus Brazos (Original Mix)
08. Yunus Guvenen - Red pilot (Stranger Edit)

Preview both mixes here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=223&st=1363363200

Djafar & Kairy - Bloody Rhythms 036 on TM-radio - 15-Mar-2013


Here is the tracklist:


01. Digby & Oliver - Seven Stones
02. Manu Riga - The Darkness Within (Frangellico Remix)
03. Mert Tan - Alone (Sarp Yilmaz Remix)
04. Dark4beats - The Cries of The Earth (DJ Lemy Remix)
05. Kintar - Strong Like The Rock (Original Mix)
06. Murat Uncuoglu - Format Drope
07. Karim Haas - The Rudder (Original Mix)
08. ID - ID


14 March 2013

Deep Soul Duo & Stefan Addo - Ocean Of Joy 002 on TM RADIO - 14-Mar-2013


Preview the show here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=224&st=1363302000

Juan Sando, co-founder of Deep Soul Duo. Born in 1984, started to listen electronic music at the age of 21. In 2010, he made his first production with Alfredo Calderini, called transfiguration Released by Mistiquemusic. Deep Soul Duo bio: Alfredo Calderini & Juan Sandoval are from Argentina and make up the Deep Soul Duo production team. DSD project is based primarily on the exploration of Progressive Sound. Incorporating elements of House, Trance and Minimal. And the creation of Deep & Ambient atmospheres. With a small addition of Dark & Psy ​​Details....


13 March 2013

Julian Rodriguez & Kaban - Happy Memories 053 on TM RADIO - March 2013



Julian Rodriguez was born in january 3, 1982 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He love the music early in his life.. He studying piano and guitar, and he discovered house music at 13 years old.. He starts playing music at the age of 18 in birthdays and small parties and that´s the begining of a passion in Julian´s life.. He was influenced by Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed and Sasha.. He plays Progressive House mainly, but Julian played differents styles like Progressive Trance in many clubs of Argentina.. Julian gives to his sets melodic sounds and big atmospheres... At the present Julian Rodriguez is hosting a monthly show on TribalMixes and Pure.FM... And was the guest dj in many other radios..


Andy Basque & Rex - River of Sin 020 on TM RADIO - March 2013


Preview this months show here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=196&st=1363039200

Adham Goda, Andro V, Ani Onix, Aurora Nights Project, Sonsez - Time Differences 068 on TM Radio - 10-Mar-2013


amazing 5 hours of dark progressive, progressive, deep, even a bit of tech house. excellent session, highly recommended!!

i really love a show with 4 different hosts - every week we taste the music and guests each host loves most, plus these host guys are competing with each other: who makes a better episode, invites more interesting guests, etc, etc. and we benefit seriously and vastly from this. for obvious reasons.

total duration: 04:39:37

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=187&st=1362938400

Wes Straub - 709 Sessions, Episode 066 on TM Radio - 10-Mar-2013


excellent mix, following the traditions of last few episodes: deep, progressive, excellent vibe!!

follow Wes @ http://www.facebook.com/WesStraubMusic

duration: 00:59:37

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=102&st=1362952800

Sima Deep - Underground Resident 032 on TM Radio - 10-Mar-2013


excellent dark set, thanks to SIMA!!! very good stuff!! recommended!!!!!!!!!

duration: 01:56:45

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=202&st=1362931200

Vla DSound - Vibrant House Music Radioshow - VHMR 1309 (Vital Housemusic) on TM Radio - 02-Mar-2013


duration: 01:00:00

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=172&st=1362236400

Jordan Petrof, Nico Sparvieri & Aman - Sacred Habitat 008 on TM RADIO - March 2013


Preview episode 008 of Sacred Habitat http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=219&st=1362852000

Anton Mayday & Kirill Pchelin - Absolute Madness 057 on TM RADIO - 09-Mar-2013


Kirill Pchelin tracklist

01.Leslie Von Dees - Far Away (Volkan Erman Remix)
02.Harvey Hunzed Productions - Hope (Original Mix)
03.Beat Syndrome - Ebullience (Original Mix)
04.Luis Bondio - Holiday Swing (Deepfunk Remix)
05.David Granha - Catch Me (Ryan Davis Remix)
06.Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk - Long Time Coming (Original Mix)
07.Layo & Bushwacka! - Delta Ahead (Uner Remix)
08.Marc Romboy, Ken Ishii - Seiun (Max Cooper Remix)
09.Tripswitch - Deer Park (Seb Dhajje' from Zürich remix)

Preview episode 057 of Absolute Madness http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=152&st=1362844800

Kintar & Bruno Nicoli - Sudam World on friskyRadio - March 2013


This is a Proper Recording. Enjoy the show!  


Arthur Sense, Liya - Esoteric Frequencies 019 on TM radio - March 2013


Deep, Dark, Mystical Progressive / Dark Tribal / Old School
Non-Commercial Area...
Chapter 19: Voces del Silencio

First Hour: Guest Mix from the talent girl-DJ from Israel Liya
Second Hour: Host Mix from Arthur Sense

Total duration: ~2hrs
Preview (tm-radio.com):

Keep the Underground Sound Alive!

Zhaniel & Djafar - Move Your Brain (Special Mix for TM Radio) - 04-Mar-2013


Enjoy this dark mix specially recorded for Tribalmixes radio !

Frangellico - TRIPPIN - March 2013


length: 54:33

Stelios Kostidis & Abraham - Hybrid Dark 002 on TM Radio - 04-Mar-2013


amazing stuff, dark and deep, just the way i like it!!

total duration: 02:00:05

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=222&st=1362420000

Juan Sando, Med Proggy, Oleg Polar, Sasha Alx - Time Differences 067 on TM Radio - 03-Mar-2013


4 hours of progressive, deep, house, even tech house, - very good stuff, very nice episode!!

total duration: 03:57:07

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=187&st=1362333600

Andrius Budrikas, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Absolute Madness 056 on TM Radio - 02-Mar-2013


amazing progressive breaks from AB, and an extensively awesome progressive house hours from the M&L&SR trio here. =)

total duration: 01:53:24

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=152&st=1362240000

Musabesni & Dido - Freedom (Bulgarian Freedom Day, special on TM Radio) - 03-Mar-2013


Get ready to feel the power of sound, intense tribal beats. A special mix and an exclusive for Tribalmixes. Jump on board and show your suppport and celebrate!!


Preview this special mix here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=41&st=1362326400

D-Phrag - Deep Transmissions And More - 2005


There was a time when D-Phrag loves to play Tribal! Ahhhh was really great times... Now almost everything is shits.... It's time to remind you for this guy, his old person, his old soul, his old mixes.... only few of them, but they was fucking awesome! Enjoy ;-)

DJ KiDe - Welcome To My Nightmare 014 on TM RADIO - 01-Mar-2013


Prepare to feel the energy of Dj KiDe unleash. Excellent mix! upbeat and energetic! From track one right through to the close, enjoy people!

Preview episode 014 here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=195&st=1362171600

12 March 2013

Stranger - Who Killed The Dark Inside on TM RADIO - 28-Feb-2013


A special double episode enclosed for this share, January and February show. Expose yourself to the sounds of Stranger and immerse yourself in the deep, dark sounds of "Who Killed The Dark Inside." Enjoy the show!

Preview the shows here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=194&st=1361822400

Fro Ptr & Aquadro - Theriel Meets... on TM RADIO - February 2013


If you missed the show from earlier this week, this is your opportunity to experience to of the best showing of their talents. A dark progressive journey which is of the highest quality. Thank you to both djs for their work and enjoy people!

:evil:  :evil:

Preview Theriel Meets.... at http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=220&st=1361991600