24 June 2013

Deep-L & Deepness - Alone with a Rhythm 011 on beattunes - June 2013


Recorded, mixed and centred from the new album 'Blood, sweat and tears'
Official download to support: bit.ly/1a5cv3P

01 - Bloodstream
02 - Heist of the Century
03 - Alone with a rhythm
04 - Darkcore
05 - The style you haven't done
06 - The new from the old
07 - H.a.t.e.r.s
08 - Breaking away
09 - Cocktail revolutionary
10 - Strong roots

Blood, sweat and tears is the third album and the first one in conceptual form, from the argentinian progressive duo: Deep-L and Deepness. released in June 28, 2013, by Distants Records. Mastering in charge of Matias Ricciardi.
The album is woven by a series of style hip hop interludes, of the old school style. Another classic in the wheel, as usual, is accompanied by strictly select ambiences. Highlighted by rhythmic changes, abundant percussions and fluid lyricists, who contain lust topics, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride, ignorance and the equality between the persons.
The destination of this new disc is nourish the homesickness of last times, fighting against ours up to the last drop of blood, with the perspiration of our front and our people. Only left hate and tears. Which will be the next weapon? Heart and soul. Blood, sweat and tears. Always behind a goal. Guards of the men who respect us.

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