09 July 2013

B.twist - Underground 002 part 1 on Mcast - 05-Jul-2013


Quote: Warning

This is Not for the untrained ear nor the weak heart.

Strange Sounds may occur, and take you else where.

No words can explain, The Emotions, Visions, Dreams.

After a year of retirement, i am proud to give you


B.twist - Compulsive Disorder Intro
B.twist - In between worlds (Original mix)
B.twist - Coloring Space & time (Original mix)
B.twist - Arabian drums (Original mix)
B.twist - Tribal in your soul (Original mix)
B.twist - Istanbul (Original mix)
B.twist - Round one (AfterHours mix)
B.twist - Red lite (Original mix)
B.twist - Amphetamine (Original mix)
B.twist - Musica Electronica (Original mix)

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