05 October 2013

Robbie Jay - Insomnia FM Showcase 026 on TM Radio - 04-Oct-2013


Episode 026 mixed by Robbie Jay, who continues playing sets at venues with Techno and Deep-Dark sounds combined with Dub, Groove, OST and Classic music.


01. Dawson Viegas feat. Anthony Poteat - Never Give Up (Ian Tosel & Alexandros Djkevingr Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
02. Octave One - Black Water (Kevin Sauderson String Instrumental Mix) [Voidcom]
03. Undercover Agency - Sweetest Kind (Undercover Vocal) [Naked Music]
04. Aphrodite - Summer Breeze (12'' Vocal Club Mix) [Aphrodite Recordings]
05. Raven Maize - The Real Life (Original 12'' Mix)
06. Sterbinszky - Gates Of Mind (Flare On Road No.6 Chillout Mix)
07. Chris Coco - Lost Angels (Stonebridge Mix) [Distinctive Records]
08. James Brennan - Quiver (Side A) [MOON EYES Q]
09. Matthew Boone - Who Instructed The Stars To Shine (Flippin' Dub Remix) [Freude Am Tanzen Recordings]
10. Boogiewall Soundsystem - My Promise (Peace Harvest & Alfonz Lanza Remix) [Play Records]
11. The Ones - Flawless (Sono's Tuxedo Dub) [Ink Records]
12. Yesitive - Grace Spreading (Robbie Jay & ReDub Balearic Mix) [Worldwide Exclussive Records]
13. The Editor feat. Gery - Deeper Love (Gur Hekim Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
14. Gimenez - Game Right (Original Mix) [Xelon Entertainment]
15. Sante - That Girl (Original Mix) [Desolat]
16. Frankie Watch - Geiri (NiCe7 Remix) [D-Floor Records]
17. Huxley - Little Things (Original Mix) [Hypercolors]
18. Justin Martin & Ardalan - Wheelgunner (Dub).
19. Tale Of Us - Discochord (Original Mix) [Minus]
20. Franzis D - Impetus (Robbie Jay & ReDub Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
21. Neel V - French Connection (Robbie Jay & ReDub Remix) [Insomniafm Records]
22. Robbie Jay & ReDub - Satellite (Original Mix) [Skills Records]
23. Shlomi Aber - The Doppler (Original Mix) [Be As One]
24. Walede - Carambolage (Ultimate Breakers Remix)
25. Dzeta N Basile - Gotta Release Yourself (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves]
26. Nil By Mouth - Sacral (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves]
27. Tale Of Us - Lost City (Original Mix) [MINUSMIN2]

amazing sound, deep and progressive. highly recommended!!
duration: 01:55:50

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=200&st=1380898800

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