28 February 2014

Adham Goda & Ani Onix - Mystic Progressions 013 on TM RADIO - 28-Feb-2014


Thank you Adham and Marina for these mixes, i was tuned in this morning, reaally early for the show, glad i got up to start my Saturday perfectly. Enjoyed the deeper, dreamy side of Adham and Marina your mix was on the mark right from track 1, enjoy the show friends!


Next Episode....  March 14th, 04 PM..... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=228

27 February 2014

Fro Peter & Pavlin Petrov - Theriel Meets..... on TM RADIO - January 2014


Excellent host and guest mix, two mixes which go together perfectly, nothing but the deep and darkest progressive to start your Thursday with, grab a copy and enjoy the sweetest sounds! Thank you Fro Peter :-)


25 February 2014

Ani Onix, David Podhel, Alex Vidal & Phil Davy - Time Differences 118 on TM RADIO - 23-Feb-2014



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Ace Ventura - RadiOzora Mix - 17-Feb-2014


Ace Ventura wrote:
Here is a set I made for RaidOzora, the net based radio station of Ozora Festival.
Two hours with tracks and remixes from my various projects, some dating back to 2006 - with edits, sounds and samples thrown in for good measure.

2.Ace Ventura - R.I.S.E (Iboga Records)
3.Weekend heroes - Sidewinder (Ace Ventura remix) (Iboga Records)
4.Ace Ventura & Captain Hook - The Jolly Roger ( Plusquam Trance )
5.Ace Ventura - Dark matter (Egorythmia remix) (Mikrokosmos)
6.Ace Ventura & Quantize - Monster (CDr)
7.Ace Ventura - Rebirth (Tetrameth remix) (Zenon)
8.Ace Ventura - Sao Paulo (Sentient remix) (Iboga Records)
9.Ace Ventura & Egorythmia - White tunnel (Iono)
10.Ace Ventura & Timelock - Inside us (Iboga Trance)
11.Zentura - Sonic masala (Sourcecode Transmissions)
12.Easy riders & Symbolic - Flashback (Astrix remix) (HOMmega Productions)
13.Juno reactor - Conga fury (Ace Ventura remix) (Wakyo Records)
14.Liquid Ace - Psychic experience (Sphera remix) (HOMmega Productions)
15.Ace Ventura & Rocky - Dr.Lupo (Symbolic remix) (Echoes Records)
16.Ace Ventura - Connected (Yotopia remix) (HOMmega Productions)
17.Ace Ventura & Zen mechanics - Mind=God (Live edit) (Iboga Trance)

Length: 2:02:20 :-D

Enjoy! :-)

24 February 2014

Anton Mayday & Matteo Monero - I'm A Dark Pill on TM RADIO - February 2014


Quote: 3-rd episode of "I'm  a Dark Pill" show!!! My special guest in this time - Matteo Monero (Italy).This is amazing producer! Are you ready for ext prog-dark music from Italy!

Including brand new tracks from Matteo!

I'm glad presents to you 2 my new ethnic mashup & ethnic dark prog!

And good new - 08.03.2014 we will play with Matteo in Russia, Tagil! :)


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23 February 2014

Anton Mayday & Stranger - I'm A Dark Pill on TM RADIO - February 2014


Quote: 3-rd episode of "I'm  a Dark Pill" show!!! My special guest in this time - Matteo Monero (Italy). This is amazing producer! Are you ready for ext prog-dark music from Italy!

Including brand new tracks from Matteo! I'm glad presents to you 2 my new ethnic mashup & ethnic dark prog!

And good news - 08.02.2014 we will play with Matteo in Russia, Tagil! :)


Next Episode....  March 22nd, 06 PM.... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=233

Ani Onix & Jabber - Ocean Of Joy 025 on TM RADIO - February 2014


Ani, loved the "Scared" remix, great vocals and just a great all round tune! Some nice rounded out progressive breaks from Jabba, very tidy, i could listen to this music all day, beautiful!


Next Episode.....  March 20th, 11 PM...... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=224

22 February 2014

JJohnny Smyth, Darren Lee Fenton, Matt Davies, Andy Newland, GOGOnr2 - CELLAR FUSION 002 on TM Radio - 19-Feb-2014


if you haven;t heard this show yet - DOWNLOAD!!! amazing sound!! starts with an amazing progressive mix from GOGOnr2, then it's a deep progressivity trip from Matt Davies, following we have a superb progressive set from the host, JJohnny Smyth, which is followed by a slower set by DLF, and capping it off with an almost tech set from Andy N. just an unforgettable kaleidoscope of sounds!! highly recommended!!

total duration: 05:04:44

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=237&st=1392832800

GOGOnr2 - http://soundcloud.com/gogonr2
Matt Davies - http://soundcloud.com/matt-davies-1
Darren Lee Fenton- http://soundcloud.com/darrenleefenton
JJohnny Smyth - http://soundcloud.com/johnnysmyth
Andy Newland - http://soundcloud.com/newlandandy

T Impact Deep Dark, Stranger - Prayer In The Dark 013 on TM Radio - 21-Feb-2014


amazing dark beats, superb and uber-awesome!! very good show, very good stuff. progressing every time - darker and darker. highly recommended!!

duration: 01:55:18

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=223&st=1392998400

21 February 2014

Musabesni, Burak YILDIRIM - Bulgarian Dream 28 on TM RADIO - 18-Feb-2014


Musabesni, props and respect and kudos and all the good things to you for trying to keep the tribal sounds alive, keep them there, in the tribe... good stuff, loving the big room sound with technical flawless sound, it's a great mixture of old and new, past and future.. Burak Yildirim comes in with a nice progressive mix, trancey at times, with some acid sounds, - good stuff, very good stuff.

total duration: 02:00:55

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=203&st=1392746400

DJhana - Vibrant House Music Radioshow - VHMR 1407 (Creative Housemusic, Live in Japan) on TM Radio - 15-Feb-2014


great set, deep and progressive

duration: 01:00:00

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=172&st=1392476400

19 February 2014

Djafar - Liturgy of Darkness 039 on TM-radio - 18-Feb-2014


Preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=181&st=1392753600

Here is the tracklist:

01. AquAdro - Scorpion Woman
02. Aargus - Mirage (Original Mix)
03. Matias Chilano - Moonlight (AquAdro Remix)
04. Zibe - Weathercock (Original Mix)
05. DJ Fanyo - Imagine This Music (Original Mix)
06. Ozgur Can - Irony (dPen's 'Ancient Story' Remix)
07. Jasper Williams - Proplusion (Original Mix)
08. Sinior Cliff - Seven 7 (Volkan Erman Remix)
09. Frangellico - Mov Mov (Djafar Dubb Me Some'tin Fresh Mash Up)

18 February 2014

N-tchbl - Subliminal on Frisky radio - 18-Feb-2014


  • N-tchbl - Subliminal on Frisky radio

    [tracklist]Akshan - Antinea's Secret - Altar Records
    Paul Martinez and Fiddler - India Entrance (Abraham & VirusBoy ReMix) - Underground Music Records
    Dj Massymo Tn & Franzis-D - Dark Planet (Paul Martinez & Fiddler Remix) - Mistique Music
    Milos Ilic - Sierra Vista (Lateral Cut Groove Remix) - Liquid Grooves
    Frangellico - Horror (Original Mix) - Stereo FX
    Jonatan Ramonda Feat Kelevra - It's So Late (CJ Art Remix) - Suffused Music
    Mlab - Dark City (Original Mix) - Never Too Late Recordings
    Mlab - Pursuing Heaven (Original Mix) - Never Too Late Recordings3

  • Duration: 59:52

     Enjoy =)   :whistle:

    Three Million Ways - 3 Million Ways 052 on TM RADIO - 15-Feb-2014



    Next Episode.....  March 15th, 06 PM..... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=179

    Romeo (Guest Mark Found) - Introspective 018 on TM RADIO - 17-Feb-2014


    A fine collection of tunes from Romeo for Introspective. Smooth, progressive and dreamy, just how i like it. Check out the guest mix from Mark Found. Enjoy!


    Next Episode.... March 3rd, 06 PM.... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=225

    Aurora Nights Project, Musabesni & Ingmar Sterkel - Time Differences 117 on TM RADIO - 16-Feb-2014


    Mind blowing are the best words to describe these three mixes this week for Time Differences. Join your host, Aurora Nights Project and guests on a three hour journey of fine electronic music. Enjoy!

    Preview each of the mixes here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=187&st=1392573600

    Episode 118..... hosted by Ani Onix....  February 23rd, 06 PM

    17 February 2014

    Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 031: Captured by Nature on Insomniafm - February 2014


    Episode 031: Captured by Nature

    Dedicated to Deep, Dark, Mystical, Intelligent Progressive,
    Old School, Dark Tribal, Non-Commercial Area...

    Total duration: 01:00:49
    Stay Underground...

    14 February 2014

    Stranger & Violeta Kukleva - Lost In The Darkness on TM RADIO - February 2014



    Next Episode..... March 13th, 09 PM..... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=201

    Chris Gavin - Ephmeres Sessions on TM RADIO - 12-Feb-2014



    Next Episode.... March 12th, 08 PM.... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=234

    LoQuai - Unison on friskyRadio - February 2014


    Unison - February 2014 - Loquai

     Luiz B - Song Of Life (Soundstorm Remix)
       Ronfoller - Turbulence (Original Mix)
       Marcelo Vasami - Billy Mandy (Original Mix)
       Beat Maniacs & Jelly For The Babies - Broken Flowers (East Cafe Remix)
       Dousk - Jit Jit (Rich Curtis 'Ping Pong' Mix)
       Pedro Aguiar - Kyoto (Original Mix)
       Ivan Nikusev - Children of the Sun (Progress Inn Remix)
       Namatjira - Ethos (LoQuai Remix) [Promo]
       Martin Roth - Epic Waves (Original Mix)
       Rise and Fall - The Vision (Original Mix)
       Electric Calm - 90 Days Of Sun (Ewan Rill Remix)
       Kay-D - Citrus (Original Mix)
       Stan Kolev - Routts (Beat Factory Unreleased Remix)
       Andrew Benson - I Will Be (Peter Martin Remix)
       East Cafe - Introverted Nighbours (LoQuai Remix)
       Denk & Slave - Arkaim (Monojoke Remix)
       Dmitry Molosh - Teleport (Original Mix)
       Dj Emmo - Entangled Singularity Level 2 (George Yammine Remix)
       Soundprank - Sand (Original Mix)

    12 February 2014

    Tercsab, Cut Knob, Napalm - Change My Life vol.12. on TM Radio - 11-Jan-2014


    Big progressive night !


    Julian Rodriguez, Adam-P - Happy Memories 064 on TM Radio - 10-Feb-2014


    another heavenly 2hr session, Julian is eminent, he's just superb and awesome, UBER COOL!! inviting Adam-P - also classic deep progressive sound. very good stuff, highly recommended!!

    total duration: 01:59:11

    preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=122&st=1392062400

    Andy Basque, Khen - River of Sin 031 on TM Radio - 10-Feb-2014


    Andy very crisp, natural coming progressive sound, loving the deep space progressivity. excellent adventure!! followed by Khen, not so deep, but still progressive on the verge of techy funky something, - great set, with nice deep and progressive ending, liking it more to the end.

    total duration: 01:58:59

    preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=196&st=1392069600

    Adham Goda, Dave Shtorn, Deng & Slavak, GSEP, Lautaro Varela - Time Differences 116 on TM RADIO - 09-Feb-2014


    another superb episode, truly amazing how this show flourishes and invites all the wonderful progressive heads, makes me happy - progressive is still alive and is still very strong! good stuff!! Adham going far progressive, Dave Shtorn - an excellent combo of deep progressive and progressive, Deng & Slavak with a tiny hint of electronic sound in their progressive darkness, GSEP with acidic progressive and dark dubs, Lautaro Varela - super progressive and deep, true deepohceetee!!

    highly recommended!!

    total duration: 04:55:30

    preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=187&st=1391968800

    Wes Straub - 709 Sessions, Episode 077 on TM Radio - 09-Feb-2014


    awesome set, progressive but a bit laid back this time, check it out!!

    duration: 01:03:00

    preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=102&st=1391983200

    Paduraru - Vibrant House Music Radioshow - VHMR 1406 (Crisp Housemusic, vs Dubacid) on TM Radio - 08-Feb-2014


    awesome set, deep and progressive, best sound!!
    duration: 01:00:00

    preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=172&st=1391871600

    Herc Kass - PROG-STEADY on friskyRadio - February 2014


    PROG:STEADY - February 2014 - Herc Kass

    Matter - Particle Cannon (FunkForm Remix)
       Namatjira , Mz Sunday Luv - Painters Dream Time (Khen Remix)
       JML - Seek Till You Find (Oliver Lieb Remix)
       Shiva - Noctilucent (original mix)
       Dousk - Jit Jit (Tim Penner Remix)
       Nort - Distance (Original Mix)
       Atoms For Peace - Default (Simon Vuarambon Space Mix)
       Andrez - Anthony's Pier (That's Why Ur Here) (Original Mix)
       James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (Nikko.Z Unofficial Remix)

    10 February 2014

    Jordan Petrof, Andrez, Berkant Kidas, Nino Flooder - Sacred Habitat 018 on TM Radio - 08-Feb-2014


    great episode here, all 4 mixes are amazing progressive house, darker for the host and Nino, and deeper for BK and Andrez does his own stylish proggy sound. definitely a keeper!!

    total duration: 04:57:54

    preview here: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=219&st=1391882400

    ERRTU - SYNAPSE 014 on TM RADIO - 06-Feb-2014


    wwooooooow!! fucking awesome, bro!! something brand new and still reminding of the previous sets. deep progressive and maybe some techno underground original plastikman deep sound.. very nice stuff!! highly recommended!!

    duration: 00:53:32

    preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=208&st=1391713200

    08 February 2014

    DJ KiDe - Welcome To My Nightmare on TM RADIO (Announcement of 2nd Anniversary 2014) - February 2014



    2nd anniversary scheduled to air February 15th, 06 PM...... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=195

    TheLuckyOne - Diary of Musical Thoughts on TM RADIO - February 2014


    Really melodic tones, super smooth, most of all two hours worth of easy listening progressive/tech. Thanks for this months show TheLuckyOne


    Next Episode.......... February 7th, 06 PM......... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=140

    Kairy - CDcast Mix 024 on beattunes - January 2014


    More information about Kairy

    Name - Kairy  
     Genre - Progressive House & Dark Progressive
     Country - Taiwan  
    Kairy Tuan was born on March 9, 1981 in the city of Taichung - Taiwan.
    His interest in music started at age of 17 from pop song to rap and then turn to electronic music
    and truely fell into deep inside of deep and dark style,recently trying to produce alternative sound effcts by myself.
    and remember , we only live once : )

    Matias Ricciardi - Hidden Anxiety 020 on beattunes - January 2014


    More information about Matias

    Name - Matias Ricciardi  
     Genre - Dark Progressive  
     Country - Argentina  
    Matias Ricciardi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1987. He grows up listening bands such as Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, thanks to his father. His interest was growing more and more, on having listened To Analogical Synthesizers, Electronic Batteries and sounds out of the conventional thing.
    After listening to some recommendations he found the electronic music. Starting with Kraftwerk, going through Vangelis, and by 2001 know "Progressive House", that would become the base of his music.
    Since that day, his love for electronic music grew, and he decided to appear in bars and pubs underground, up to coming to cabins of recognized Discotheques in the year 2006.
    In 2010 began his career as a producer for the label Distants Records, already with a defined sound, Dark Progressive.
    In 2011, is the guest of various radios, as InsomniaFM, PureFM, Eilo Radio, Beattunes, mCast, Radio Life.
    Nearing the end of 2011, Matías play his music in different Discotheques of the country, always inside the Dark Progressive, style that was, is and it will continue being what pushes it to continue.

    05 February 2014

    Dirk, D-Phrag, Peter Meatman, Deng & Slavak - Time Differences 115 on TM RADIO - 02-Feb-2014



    Next Episode Episode 116  Hosted By Adham Goda..... February 9th, 06 PM..... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=187

    Kostas White, Nicholas Van Orton & Filter B - Deeper Stories on TM RADIO - 04-Feb-2014



    Next Episode....... March 4th, 05 PM..... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=232

    Stelios Kostidis & Bestami Turna - Hybrid Dark on TM RADIO - 03-Feb-2014


    Preview this months show here http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=222&st=1391457600

    Next Episode...... March 3rd, 08 PM..... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=222

    Romeo (Guest Sima Deep) - Introspective 017 on TM RADIO - 03-Feb-2014


    Preview the show http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=225&st=1391450400

    Next Episode..... February 17th, 06 PM..... http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=225

    Arthur Sense - Esoteric Frequencies 030 2hrs Live Special on TM Radio - February 2014


    Chapter 30: The Rawest Darkness
    2hours live recorded @ Private Gate Party, Russia

    starting with a new own sound it contains two parts:
    1st - Dark Progressive, 2nd - Old School Underground Sound...

    preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=199&st=1391544000

    Total duration: ~2hrs

    Info about the show: http://tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=199
    iTunes Podcast Link: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/esoteric-transitions-podcast/id663218583?mt=2
    Stay Underground...