12 February 2014

Adham Goda, Dave Shtorn, Deng & Slavak, GSEP, Lautaro Varela - Time Differences 116 on TM RADIO - 09-Feb-2014


another superb episode, truly amazing how this show flourishes and invites all the wonderful progressive heads, makes me happy - progressive is still alive and is still very strong! good stuff!! Adham going far progressive, Dave Shtorn - an excellent combo of deep progressive and progressive, Deng & Slavak with a tiny hint of electronic sound in their progressive darkness, GSEP with acidic progressive and dark dubs, Lautaro Varela - super progressive and deep, true deepohceetee!!

highly recommended!!

total duration: 04:55:30

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=187&st=1391968800

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