22 February 2014

JJohnny Smyth, Darren Lee Fenton, Matt Davies, Andy Newland, GOGOnr2 - CELLAR FUSION 002 on TM Radio - 19-Feb-2014


if you haven;t heard this show yet - DOWNLOAD!!! amazing sound!! starts with an amazing progressive mix from GOGOnr2, then it's a deep progressivity trip from Matt Davies, following we have a superb progressive set from the host, JJohnny Smyth, which is followed by a slower set by DLF, and capping it off with an almost tech set from Andy N. just an unforgettable kaleidoscope of sounds!! highly recommended!!

total duration: 05:04:44

preview: http://www.tm-radio.com/shows.php?id=237&st=1392832800

GOGOnr2 - http://soundcloud.com/gogonr2
Matt Davies - http://soundcloud.com/matt-davies-1
Darren Lee Fenton- http://soundcloud.com/darrenleefenton
JJohnny Smyth - http://soundcloud.com/johnnysmyth
Andy Newland - http://soundcloud.com/newlandandy

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