19 April 2014

Arthur Sense - Entity of Underground 033: Rise of an Empire Tribute on Insomniafm - April 2014


Episode 033: Rise of an Empire tribute

Dedicated to Deep, Dark, Mystical, Intelligent Progressive,
Old School, Dark Tribal, Non-Commercial Area...

1. Junkie XL - 300 (CJ Art Remix) [CDR]
2. Pavlin Petrov & Graham Lloris - Odyssey Of Life (SummerMarian Remix) [Deepsessions]
3. Kintar - Oranjestad (Stranger Edit) [CDR]
4. Kml Tkmk - Prevaricator (Pavlin Petrov Dark Ethnic Remix) [Revelation]
5. Joseph Mitri - Fludark (Original Mix) [Bandos Island Music]
6. Lula - My Empire (Peter Rauhofer Remix) [Star 69]
7. B.twist - Echoes From the Deep (Original Mix) [CDR]
8. Joseph Mitri - Her Sad Voices (Original Mix) [Bandos Island Music]
9. B.twist & Maha AlShareef - You Say Nothing (Original Mix) [CDR]

Total duration: 01:07:39
Stay Underground...


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