01 April 2014

Paul Ross - Deep Coagulant 002 - April 2014


Aprils slice of Dark Progressive from me, featuring all my favourite tracks from the darker side. Feel free to download, share and cheers for listening, Paul

If you missed part1, get it here: -


Frangellico - Unperfect moment
Onur Polat - Shiva Manas Puja (Frangellico remix)
Frangellico - Takifugu
Frangellico - Push it
Matteo Monero - Primitive Future (Frangellico remix)
Mindshield - Dandelion (Matias Riccairdi remix)
Frangellico - the story tells
Frangellico - Dark Angel
Frangellico - How many pills you took?
Graham Lloris - Yunnan (Matias Ricciardi remix)
Mesutisci, Kml tkmk - I have you


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